I'm just about to list this lovely step stool and thought I'd share a few things I love about these stools as they've been a popular seller since I started my shop last year.

I have a soft spot for this one, despite it's obvious lean to the side and a slight rock due to an uneven leg, its still sturdy and the gorgeous 'eau de nil' shade of green more than makes up for its quirks.  I mixed up this shade with some left over paint and love how it works with so many other colours, the orange twine a case in point.

I mostly like to paint the wooden ones I find to give them a modern twist and its an easy way to add a pop of colour into your room.  But I also get excited when I spot one with its original paint as they usually have a worn, chipped patina that creates a real charm.  Sometimes the wood is beautiful in its natural state so they just need a light sanded and wax.

They come in various shapes and sizes and lend themselves to many uses whilst serving as a unique and decorative way to personalise your home, not forgetting they are also at the more affordable end of the scale for home acessories!

Since opening my shop I've regularly used them as a photo prop to show off my pottery and smaller paitings.  I love playing around with my products trying to create a vignette and get great satisfaction when I sell to other small businesses who also use them as props or retailers for merchandising display.

You can use them at home placed on a worktop or shelf to create your own little display or artful nook. Or how about a handy side table placed by a chair to rest that cup of coffee, ideal in small spaces.  Then there's the glass of wine by the bath or a child's bedside table.

Vintage step stools are a really useful addition to the home, they're easy to move around so you can have a revamp as often as you like.  In the interests of health and safety though 

Recently sold, this had a simple but decorative scalloped detail.

one thing you might not want to do is step on them!!